Tech Tips For Startup Success

September 16, 2020

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There’s a sense of excitement and accomplishment surrounding tech startups. It’s quite an achievement to turn a vision into tangible thing, and then turn it into making a living—especially with so many moving parts. However, it doesn’t stop once you’ve made that brilliant idea come to life. You need to give it the support it requires to grow.

Most tech startups know they need help, but don’t know where to begin and who to trust. You’re an expert in technology but, how are you going to establish your brand and share your ideas among your target audience to support your startup?

The first step to getting your name out there is starting with a site.

User Experience
Your audience is most important. To meet their expectations and needs, you need to start by creating a strong web presence through a website and social platforms. Your audience must be able to easily find the information they need to be able engage with your site, and sometimes that requires a redesign. Navigating the site should be intuitive with users following a funnel to a call-to-action.

Some things to consider: Can users easily find and then navigate your website? Does your site use keywords and phrases to boost SEO? Or technical aspects like, is your site data secure and page load speeds?

Whether you’re using a free or custom WordPress page or created a custom website, it’s important that you review all elements on your site that could impact your user experience.

Create content
If you’ve already started a website and began to populate content, next up is strategizing an editorial calendar and co. A strong first step is doing a content audit of your site to see if keywords and phrases that represent you are in your site, and use that to finds areas for growth. Small things like back-linking to another site or providing natural subheads may come easy, but if you identify strengths and weakness you can find new opportunities.

Content is king in the internet world of over-saturated, stale content that isn’t what users want. You want to start with blogs, videos, podcasts, strong imagery (consider your resources and what you’re able consistently post) paired with analytics and tracking so you can get measurable results. Without tracking, it’s difficult to provide data or support to show the impact of a campaigns. You want to measure success through clicks, views and engagement but you need to make sure you have the infrastructure to support it.

Focus on the growth
As technology evolves there are increasingly more resources available to help you boost productivity and efficiency. Once you’ve solidified your workflows, the next step is to optimize them. Applications can tackle challenging business processes, technical processes, and automate reports for end users for less wasted time. It’s best to find what limitations you have, identify your goal, and then begin the search for software solutions.

Customized software and applications can allow for big data solutions and strong outcomes. Launching a startup requires lots of dedicated time and energy to make important innovative decisions, and you need a team that can support you and deliver value through outcomes.

Technology allows us to have a variety of tools to use to help your business in grow, gain popularity, engage with customers and ultimately create more revenue. In this fast-paced and always changing industry, you need the technology that supports you to take your startup to the next level.

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