MacGuyverTech’s Security Auditing Process

January 22, 2021

As society and technology continue to advance, security auditing is becoming more important with each new technology. It is important for a routine audit of your systems to ensure you are properly protecting the integrity of your system. If a firm doesn’t actively monitor and improve their security measures, then they are giving an advantage to the attacker and other bad actors. At MacGuyver, we offer an extensive security auditing process as well as the ability to patch any vulnerabilities detected by us.

The process begins with a discovery phase followed by initial risk and threat assessments. We must figure out what makes up the systems so a detailed look at all the software, hardware and security controls is necessary for us to do a complete job. Once we have an understand of your system’s vulnerabilities, strengths and weakness we begin the scanning process. The scanning phase involves network and vulnerability scans across all aspects of the network. Software, code, hardware even webpages are all investigated by our complex scanning tools. Using the information gathered from the scans, we are capable of performing penetration testing to see how bad the vulnerability is.

The next phase involves compiling all this information and data into an easy-to-read audit report. The report consists of charts, diagrams and images to explain the finds of the tests as well as provide evidence for the vulnerabilities detected. These features allow for a reader to quickly learn and understand all aspects of their system and what needs to be fixed. The final part of the report is our recommendations. We will recommend ways to secure vulnerabilities as well as enhance security. This is where a majority of cybersecurity firms stop their work. They can tell you what’s wrong, but they can’t go in and fix it. At MacGuyver, we can do exactly that.

We can offer you the whole package; from discovery to maintenance, let MacGuyverTech handle your cybersecurity auditing needs. If you would like to see what a sample report for what the final product may look like, complete with charts and diagrams, click here!