How MacGuyverTech has turned the Pains of the Pandemic into a Positive.

April 28, 2021

Roughly a year ago the world came to a halt the coronavirus pandemic began to spread across the world. While a majority of the world was adjusting to using video conference systems, Mac was approached by a long-time associate Ben Hecht; the two coordinated the creation of a Zoom group. This group would begin to hold energetic and personal meetings with members to connect and cultivate new business.

Recently featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer Article, Mac talks about this group even more. What started as a way to get around the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic, thrived into a fully growing digital networking experience. This network continues to grow every day with a new members joining all the time. The group focuses on trying to create a positive networking environment while still adhering to the medical guidelines.

What began as a simple way to navigate around the pandemic has become something truly magnificent. The group has allowed people to find new employment, contracts and business just by providing people with a place online to foster the growth of members’ network. Meeting once a week, each member delivers a short “elevator pitch” regarding their business, and then two select members present about a topic of their choosing.

While all this is happening, people are connecting on other digital platforms like email and LinkedIn for possible business opportunities. It’s not just business that is discussed during these meetings. Since the formation of the group last March, they have begun looking for ways they could help the other members while also reaching out to the greater Philadelphia area. The group began raising money for nonprofits around Philadelphia, but perhaps the most feel good story, the group raised $30,000 for a family in need with member James Corbett’s Project Refit.