Price Trends Application

As a user of the Watchacar application I want to search and view historical price trends data so I can make a data driven decision when buying or selling high end and exotic vehicles.


Watchacar was built to help create a community where exotic car owners could share their ownership experiences with other owners and enthusiasts.

The website and application help people make better buying and selling decisions when it comes to exotic cars by providing market pricing trends.


We were tasked with creating the Watchacar application from end to end, using WordPress and Vue.js to integrate key components into the experience

The project required clear and open communication streams to manage the several sections of the application: the Watchacar President, our User Experience and Engineering leads and Product Management.


Data Storage: When storing hundreds of thousands of records of data, storage and management is a top priority.

Performance: The application needs to handle multiple real time search requests while displaying each data set(s)in an interactive D3 chart.

Custom Built

Search Make, Model or Both
This allows you to narrow down to what is important to you
Compare Price Trends
See historical trends and compare as many vehicles as you want
Start a Watchlist
Start your own list to easily keep track of the cars that interest you most
Receive Weekly Notifications
Your Watchacar list automatically updates every week giving you up-to-date insights on where the market is headed

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