Instant Estimate Application

Our client was looking to eliminate writing hundreds of price quotes by hand. To automate their process we created a custom Instant Estimate Calculator application.


Our client had complex pricing algorithms in a spreadsheet that they wanted to have converted to an online instant pricing tool that was engaging, interactive and easy to use across all devices.


Todays customers expect to receive quotes instantly and with no effort. Our Instant Estimate Calculator allows prospective customers to prepare accurate price estimates on their website in a matter of moments.


Since Implementing the Instant Estimate Calculator business has grown by 25%. Sessions and page views have increased while visitor traffic is up overall.

Custom Built

Custom Coded Calculations
Each service(Roof, Siding,Other) has their own calculations that result in accurate instant estimates
Roofing Estimates
Get an instant Roofing Estimate whenever you want. No more waiting.
Siding Estimate
Get an instant Siding Estimate whenever you want. No more waiting.
Other Cleaning Services
Services are broken down into 3 categories for the easiest estimation experience.

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