Analytics Dashboard

Our task was to Conceptualize, Design and Develop a Data Science and Business Intelligence solution visualizing global hierarchy between connections and associations.


This web-based application gives analysts and professionals a secure way to search, view and compare data from social media networks, websites and mobile apps in a Feed Database.

The results are displayed over dashboards (analytics, connections and reports) with proprietary reporting tools and KPIs. The dynamic and interactive charts, graphs and leaderboards can be downloaded into a pdf or csv for reporting.


The project took seven weeks from concept to launch. The team lead established a roadmap of deliverables, including cadences for design and data reviews. Part of our initial work was performing a Data Science Discovery Phase, examining multipleAPI endpoints for relationship and insight potential. We structured our Queries to display connected data in hierarchal and association formats. These Queries were then mapped against our design concepts to create the existing custom platform.


Data Value: Finding meaning in millions of data points across multiple sources

Data Storage: When storing hundreds of thousands of records of data, storage and management is a top priority.

Data Performance: The application needs to handle multiple real time search requests while displaying each data set(s)in an interactive D3 chart that can be downloaded as a pdf or csv.

Custom Built

Top 10 Leaderboard
A top 10 Leaderboard visualizing the worlds most active social media platforms by daily usage totals.
Associations and Connections
Search and view data showing global connections and associations to a phone number.
Downloadable CSV or PDF
All Links and Statistics Dashboard data can be downloaded in a CSV or PDF Report.
Global Search
A global search component pulls data from 3 different databases with over millions of record to produce usable results.

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