Programming In The Future

September 16, 2020

For many years, we spoke to our computers using a system of actual punch cards – pieces of paper that a programmer would punch literal holes in in order for their computer to recognize and execute a command. People only a few relatively short decades ago wouldn’t even recognize the workflow of the world we live in today. We now have entire programming languages which our machines have been designed to recognize and these languages continue to develop and grow almost constantly, often eventually being replaced with brand new ones.

Programming is one of the most booming industries in terms of its developmental possibilities in the entire career market right now because the world we live in is so dependent upon computer technology. So naturally, the world and its many employers are looking for people who can make their systems do more and more interesting, complicated, and nuanced things.

So extensive, in fact, is the demand expected to be for developers in the near future that major tech-based universities/programs including MIT are working toward getting computer programming implemented in younger and younger school curricula. Not only is it expected to become a piece of daily scholastic life, but some experts are even suggesting that it may become a core component.

Currently, there are a wide array of programming languages out there, many of which are preferred for different types of projects. Some programmers believe, however, that at some point in the possibly not-too-distant-future, we may see the development of a more streamlined, all-encompassing universal programming language which would, of course, make the world of programming much more efficient in that it would provide a much greater potential for programmers all over the world to work more collaboratively.

As automation is becoming a greater and greater threat to the traditional job market in many different industries, prospects for the programming sector couldn’t be better. Programming in the future is looking bright and streamlining many functions of businesses to better save time money, and prevent wasted efforts.