Cybersecurity Measures You Can Implement Right Now

January 22, 2021

As society and technology continue to advance, keeping your company’s cybersecurity measure at their strongest is becoming more important with each new technology. It is important for a routine audit of your measure to ensure you are properly protecting the integrity of your system. If a firm doesn’t actively monitor and improve their security measures, then they are giving an advantage to the attacker and other bad actors. However, there are two quick and easy tips you can implement right now with no technical knowledge that will increase the security of your company right now.

The first tip is a so simple, yet it is surprising how many companies don’t regularly do it. You should make sure all your software and systems are up to date. With every new versions of software that’s released, there are vulnerabilities and weakness within the software that are also removed. It is also important to remove systems no longer supported. An example of this is Adobe Flash, as of December 2020, Adobe Flash is no longer receiving updates. This means that attackers can no probe for new vulnerabilities without fear of it being patched out. This is not even a complex solution; it is simply a click of a button to uninstall it. With one click you can secure your system even better. This aspect ties into the next tip.

The second tip is constant and thorough employee training. By ensuring your employees are familiarized with the most common forms of cybersecurity threats and risks, you can eliminate potential for human error. One of the best supports for this is phishing and other associated scams that rely on user mistakes to initiate their attacks. If you take the steps to constantly and thoroughly train your employees about these dangers, then they know what to look for and can simply remove these emails.

As you can see, these two tips require no technical cybersecurity skills, just an ability to learn. It is always important to keep an eye on the current trends in the cybersecurity world and trim your defense to protect against the most common forms of malicious attacks. Luckily at MacGuyver we are always gathering information and with our new cybersecurity team, we are capable of providing current and accurate assessments of the cyber threats faced every day.