Safety in a Digitized World: Steve McKeon’s Interview with TikTok Influencer CryptoWendy

August 3, 2021

While Blockchain technology has unveiled a new horizon for innovation and money management, it has also provided new strategies for criminal hackers across the globe. Backed by this novel technology, criminal companies have made themselves nearly untouchable, allowing them to wreak havoc on databases and infrastructures worldwide in the midst of an all-out cyberwar. In a recent interview with CryptoWendy, MacguyverTech Founder and CEO, Steve McKeon, spoke about his own experiences with criminal hackers, as well as his take on security in a constantly evolving digital world.

“I have over 11,000 hack attempts on my system every day,” says Steve, which a quick calculator input will tell you is over 4,000,000 attempts annually. Keep in mind, this is only for a small company, not a large corporation or government entity. Luckily, these attempts, while numerous, can be thwarted with proper security and monitoring. If an attempt were to succeed, however, a criminal hacker could invoke crippling structural damage. “Most companies are compromised and they don’t even know it. The average response time for understanding when a hack happens is about six to eight months,” explains Steve. “They come in, and they’ll be very quiet. They listen. They track all traffic and try to understand what the common traffic patterns are. […] They wait for the most opportune time to do the hack.” While the hackers move in silence waiting for the perfect time to strike, they keep themselves busy extrapolating company data to be sold on the dark web. A new wave of 21st century criminals has emerged, and they are capable of making millions without ever showing their face. 

Steve’s advice: for individuals, never store your private keys on a digital device. Remain diligent and beware of unusual emails, especially those with grammar mistakes or an unfamiliar tone. Be careful of connecting to unknown Wi-Fi sources, as these could be fake signals broadcasted by a nearby hacker looking to steal your information. Even consider using a 2nd old, empty phone to house your cryptocurrency wallet. For companies, take security seriously. Test your systems, and be proactive. Hire a team of cybersecurity professionals, like the team at MacguyverTech, to ensure that your system, sensitive data, and company’s success are well-protected.