What you need to know about Cardano ADA – SUNDAESWAP

May 28, 2021

Cryptocurrencies have been an extremely hot topic on social media with people constantly engaging in the growing market. One of the key aspects of the crypto world is the fact that it is always changing and evolving. In the past on this blog, we have talked about Cardano ($ADA) and how it could be the next coin to take off. Well since that blog Cardano has become hotter in the street. An interesting thing that has just come up is the launching of SUNDAESWAP, a decentralized exchange built on the Cardano Blockchain.

Some background information first so you aren’t flying blind here. SUNDAE needs to raise money to launch their exchange, so they are offering an Initial Stake Pool Offering on the exchanges main coin. This allows owners of Cardano (ADA) to stake some of the crypto and in return they users will be rewarded with free $SUNDAE tokens. These tokens will be used on the exchange and the firm that is launching SUNDAESWAP wants to reward those who support them by providing them with free cryptocurrency. Oh and the Cardano you are putting into the system? You still will own and be participating in the blockchain, the exchange SUNDAE will be using it to generate income.

There are a few things that need to be pointed out. First, like everything that has to do with money, there is always risk. Assess your situation and do not put in money you are not okay with losing. Second, this is not a get rich quick situation. In order to qualify for the rewards, consumers must be using the Yoroi Wallet software and must leave the Cardano in the system. After a period of days, it may vary but everything online has indicated seven to ten days. This is a put some Cardano into their systema, support the exchange and in a few weeks you’ll see some rewards start to flow in.

If you truly believe in not just the powers of technology and the blockchain you can put your money where your mouth is and support what is going to be a big-time player in decentralized exchanges in the future. Help support SUNDAESWAP and grow the crypto community even more.