The Miami Crypto Experience: Steve McKeon of MacguyverTech Among Featured Speakers

November 2, 2021

The crypto world keeps gaining momentum, and the next stop for the financial juggernaut is Miami, the city with its sights set on becoming the world’s cryptocurrency capital. From November 10-12, 2021, the James L. Knight Center will host the Miami Crypto Experience. Macguyver Tech CEO Steve McKeon will be one of the speakers, giving a how-to on setting up miners, how to run them, and maximizing profits. 

“This is a great learning and networking opportunity for everyone, from people who are just curious about crypto to the experts,” said McKeon. “It’s going to be a fantastic, fun event. I mean, heck, we’re even giving away a McLaren!” McKeon will also be talking about the advent and development of smart contracts, a boon for blockchain business. He recently promoted the event on Tiktok here. 

For those uninterested in a free supercar for whatever reason, there will be a bevy of other things to do. The first day will feature an NFT Gala and Auction, Tim Draper will be on hand for a PORTL reveal on the second evening, and the event will close out with BKFC 22 on Sunday evening. From the heavy-hitters of the crypto world to a championship bout in bare-knuckle fighting, there’s something for everyone. 

The three-day crypto and blockchain extravaganza will feature over 25 workshops, more than 40 vendors, plenty of sponsors, and some of the most well-known influencers in cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs and cybersecurity. The event keeps growing; last year’s venue simply couldn’t hold the event any more, and it seems ready to fill out the James L. Knight Center with plenty of opportunities for workshops, networking and party fun under the South Florida Sun.  

“I can’t wait,” said McKeon. “This is the who’s-who of blockchain, crypto and NFTs; you can even get a ticket made into your own personal NFT this year.” For those unable to attend in-person, there will be a Metaverse event as well. For tickets (both in-person and virtual), go to: