The Miami Crypto Experience Is This Week: Three Days of Crypto, Community and Celebration

November 10, 2021

It’s been called a scheme. It was supposed to have collapsed by now. And plenty of “experts” are still telling anyone who will listen that cryptocurrency’s future ends in a zero-sum game that will not be won by a blockchain army. Yet this weekend’s Miami Crypto Experience marks the culmination of the hottest year yet; the cryptocurrency market is sending vibrations through the traditional world of finance like a hip-hop bass line. 

“Bitcoin has been declared dead hundreds of times,” says MacguyverTech CEO Steve McKeon, “yet here we are over a decade later, and it’s stronger than ever. Other currencies aren’t killing it, they’re simply creating a market for exchange. There are plenty of meme coins that are super volatile, but the industry itself is becoming more and more stable.” McKeon will be one of the speakers on hand at the event, taking place from November 10-12 at the James L. Knight Center. 

The first day of the event is open to the public; the party atmosphere promises to encourage beginners and experts alike to mingle, network, and learn about crypto, NFTs and blockchain. “Keep in mind, this is one of the first big events post COVID,” says McKeon, “and the market has exploded while everyone was locked away. I’m anxious to see plenty of old friends and make new ones.” 

The second and third day are for ticket-holders only; there are in-person and virtual tickets available. The Experience will offer keynote speakers and workshops for people with varying levels of experience; vendors and influencers will be easy to find, selling NFTs, networking and discussing the future of the industry.  

McKeon will give a how-to on setting up miners, how to run them, and maximizing profits. “I’ve been doing this for years,” he says, “and even if you didn’t get in at the beginning, there’s still money to be made in mining crypto.” 

Of course, the Crypto Experience isn’t just about workshops; there will be parties, giveaways, and music into the early hours; as the literature for the event says, “this isn’t a conference, it’s an experience.” The last day features a McLaren giveaway to one lucky attendee, and a bare-knuckle championship fight to wind up the event. 

Young or old, novice or expert, there’s plenty of information and libation for all. Let the good times roll in Miami this week, as the crypto community shows traditional financial markets why they’re here to stay.