Subawu Token Road Trip: MacguyverTech’s Next Cryptocurrency

March 24, 2022

MacguyverTech launched the Stray Kats (KATS) Token earlier this month, but that’s not the only minting that they announced. Created with automotive fans in mind and based on the popular “Subawu” meme, the token rolled off the assembly line on March 4th, 2022.

“Just like the Stray Kats token, we renounced ownership of the project right after we created it,” says MacguyverTech CEO Steve (Mac) McKeon. “There have been too many rugpulls and liquidity thefts with tokens that should be fun and community driven…we wanted to make sure everyone can see that this isn’t going to be one of those things. Right off the bat, we burned 14% of this coin, then we sent the initial capital and project liquidity to its burn address.”

The token has a whitepaper (you can see it here) and refers to it as the project “road map.” Much like the Stray Kats token, there are steps along the way with charitable donations planned, based on market cap. “We want to give back to the community,” McKeon says. “We actually have 3% of the coin in a dual-signature marketing wallet, just for the purposes of being able to do that. Additionally, 2% of every transaction is given back to coin holders, so it profitable to just be a holder.”

The token jumped in value 100x shortly after the launch, and is now supported by numerous coin listing services, as well as being listed on the Pancakeswap exchange. The security audit can be seen here, and the token’s Telegram is here.

As always, understand that we at MacguyverTech are not financial advisors; these are our opinions. Please research this and any other token thoroughly before purchasing them, and never risk anything that you cannot afford to lose. Use your head, be smart, and be careful out there.

To purchase Subawu tokens, go here.

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