Catcoin: Started as a Kitten – Getting Ready to Roar

February 23, 2022

Catcoin is getting ready to roar. Over the past year to a year and a half, we’ve seen memecoins of every dog variety take off. Dogecoin was created as a spoof and made millionaires out of people. Shiba Ibu fallowed shortly thereafter. Floki Inu was next, riding the crypto rally to make investors a phenomenal return through late October, and even Saitama Inu did well for a time.

Eventually, however, a coin glut occurred. Knock-off coins tried to ride the wave of popularity and profitability, some based almost entirely on cuteness. There was PrinceFloki, RobotShibSwap, Shiba Toby, Lassie, and Scooby-Doo. Okay, I made those last two up, but you get the point. Some of the coins had a short profitability window. Some didn’t. Some coins, which haven’t been mentioned, end up as “rug-pulls”, in which persons in the know sell off all their coins at once, decimating their value and walking off with a wallet full of cash.

As has been proven by plenty of online debates and an unsurprisingly not great movie called “Cats & Dogs” in 2001, cats were eventually going to be heard from. Now, Catcoin (CATS) is on the move, with an early trajectory that might seem familiar to some.

What is Catcoin?

Launched in November 2021, Catcoin shortly thereafter had its ownership renounced by its creators. Just like a lost kitten, it was adopted by a community of coin holders who, unsurprisingly, post very cute cat memes and pictures of their own furry felines.

Throughout the beginning of 2022, Catcoin was stagnant. For approximately a month and a half, it laid still like a fuzzy feline sleeping in a patch of sunlight. Then, the coin was embraced by a few influencers, and promptly exploded all over Telegram. The cryptocurrency has gained about 1000% over the past week.

And as someone pointed out, the initial “pump” looks remarkably similar to that of Shiba Inu.

Is Catcoin Secure?

Catcoin is unusually secure for a “memecoin.” It passed a smart contract security audit with flying colors. Additionally, it uses Gnosis, a multi-signature wallet to help protect against rugpulls.

So, it appears that Catcoin isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.


From the inception of this article to the summary, CATS jumped another 50%. There have been plenty of people ready to declare cryptocurrency dead on numerous occasions over the past decade, and they’ve been wrong every single time. The market has been in a lull for months, and the naysayers have been having a pretty good time saying “I told you so” since Thanksgiving.

But Spring is just around the corner. COVID cases are plummeting. CATS is now listed on a ton of exchanges…and it appears that the mood of investors is ready to embrace a kitten that might just roar.

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