Bringing Data to Life: Mac Talks “Showing the Big Picture” on Centricity

January 19, 2022

Steve McKeon (Mac), of MacguyverTech was interviewed on the “Best Kept Secret with Jay Kingley” podcast on Centricity earlier this month; the first part of that interview was covered in “Cybersecurity as a Constant: Mac Talks Hacks and Attacks.” For the second part of the interview, Jay and Mac talked about how MacguyverTech helps their clients optimize their business.

Let me start by asking you about MacguyverTech. What are the pain points that you typically address for your clients? And why is it that they need you to get rid of that pain?

I love doing the hard things other companies may shy away from. We just like to make sure that you have a lot of connectivity between your applications and datasets. At lot of times, software is siloed. We like to roll them up and give you the big picture. That way, you can see you can see Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and analytics, and also get an overview of what the data means to your company. As a business owner, if you can’t see the big picture, how can you properly make good decisions? That’s something that others may shy away from, but we’ve been successful at it.

I like to say, ‘We don’t work with other companies because of what they do. We work with them because they are great at what they do.’ When you look at your team, at MacguyverTech, what are the things that you think that you and the team are particularly great at doing?

One of the bigger things we do is that we like to bring data to life. An Excel spreadsheet doesn’t tell a story, but what we like to do is build fantastic KPI dashboards that bring that data to life and tell the story in real time…it shows what’s important to that business. We’re also great at tying systems together.

What makes us a little different in the software world is we also care about security and user experience. You want to have an ultra-secure system, you want it easy to use, and you want it to be nice looking. When you have those three things complementing each other, people gravitate towards that.

Finally, I like to deliver excellence. I think when you deliver excellence, people really appreciate it. I’m in it for the long game; we don’t have much transactional business. And I would say that 98% of my business comes from referrals.

I want to understand why you’ve gone down this path in running the company. Can you point to the underlying reasons why you do what you do at MacguyverTech?

Honestly, I’m just happy to be here. I’m trying to be the best human being I can. Not only am I driven by trying to make great products and deliver excellence, I’m also a philanthropist. I give back to people all over the world, and I use social media to do that. I’ve gotten into 180 countries where I’m just helping people that don’t have what I have; I just find that that’s very fulfilling. I feel that’s part of my mission here on Earth – trying to help others grow and just doing the best I can as a human being. And maybe one day when I’m not here, people will say good things about me.

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