Steven McKeon Featured as Speaker at Blockchain 2022

April 1, 2022

On April 10th and 11th , 2022, some of the most influential names in blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs will gather in Miami, Florida for the Blockchain 2022 conference. Coordinated by Layer 1 Events and the Miami Crypto Experience, the event is designed to bridge the gap between seasoned professionals and the “crypto curious.” MacguyverTech’s CEO, Steven (Mac) McKeon is one of the weekend’s featured speakers.

It’s fitting that this takes place in Miami,” said McKeon. “The city has thrown its arms wide and welcomed cryptocurrency as a whole. This conference is one of the landmark events for the industry every year, and it just keeps getting better.” At last fall’s event, McKeon spoke at several workshops, helping introduce novices to blockchain tech, crypto mining, and much more.

April’s event offers exclusive access and networking opportunities to attendees, with some of the most influential names in blockchain. In addition to the keynote sessions, interactive workshops, NFT & Metaverse experiences, attendees are provided with exclusive entertainment like the BAYC Afterparty.

The conference’s workshops include: Virtual Properties and the Metaverse, a Simple Way to Begin Mining, the Art of Trading Crypto, a Play to Earn Economy, Social & Governance Tokens, How to Create a DAO, Real Estate Tokenization, How the World is Being Rebuilt on Web 3.0, Crypto and NFT Marketing, and Investing in DeFi and Yield Farming.

“It’s a great opportunity for early adopters to meet fresh faces in the industry,” McKeon continued, “and it’s an even better opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about blockchain. The whole weekend is a great blend of learning, networking and fun.” Indeed, the event features interactive activities with blockchain leaders, neural networking, the Miami Crypto Block Party, and even recovery zones.

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