Steve McKeon Gets Personal and Down to Business on Radio America

December 22, 2021

On “Executive Leaders Radio,” MacguyverTech CEO Steve McKeon (Mac) joined three other prominent business leaders on the Radio America broadcast to talk about his personal and business history. From early indicators to overseas adventures to his current ventures in blockchain, cyber security and software development, Steve discussed how he got to where he is today with Herb Cohen.

On Life:

Mac is a protector; the oldest of four brothers. Due to personal tragedy, he acted as father of the family at a very young age. Early in the interview, he was asked, “How does that relate to your work?” Steve responded, “I try to do the best I can for my customers, and people that I meet. Generally, always do the right thing, and try to help people. Life is too short.”

Mac discussed how he was inquisitive and intuitive at an early age. From taking apart his crib to the point that it collapsed in on him as a baby, to disassembling a Commodore 64 computer as a child, Mac has always been tinkering. The tinkering and his personal history are directly reflected in his business.

On Business:

This combination was directly addressed during the show. “It’s evident that you founded MacguyverTech because you love tinkering,” Cohen stated. “As you know, there’s a balance between that and running a business. How do you balance those things?”

Mac responded, “Every day, I give myself creative time to learn, find new things and keep my brain sharp. And when I run the company, I’m trying to inspire and help my leaders at the company grow and promote a great culture.”

The interview turned to his experience on the gridiron, and Mac was asked about how that helped him with what he does today. “I’d point out people who were tired, or not executing,” Mac said. “I look for patterns, and I see a little further down the road. Even when I’m building things for people, I’m not looking at today. I’m looking three or four years down the road and seeing what it means for them and making sure they understand the value of it for their company.”

“Business and money aren’t my main drivers,” Mac continued.  “I put myself in their shoes…I try to protect them from all the threats that are out there. I try to come up with creative ways to help their business grow and build tools to help them.”

On Spirituality

Mac touched on his motivation several times during the interview. “I think about my hard times,” he said. “I have more to do…I want to use what I create to help as many people as I can…I think when you look at things in a creative way, you can find better ways of helping companies beat out their competitors, help them save on their bottom line or be more efficient.”

“My endgame is to have a large funeral,” Mac concluded. “People aren’t going to come to my funeral because I made a lot of money. They’re going to show up because I helped them in profound ways or inspired them. If you think of it that way, what kind of impact would I have for society and others?”

From their Web site: “Executive Leaders Radio provides business leader interviews to give listeners a good sense of “what makes success.” Herb Cohen has fine-tuned the art of connecting CEOs’ yesterdays to today’s success. Each show includes interviews with 4 prominent business leaders for listeners to learn what makes them tick, how they were able to build their enterprises, their personal secrets of success, management style, industry trends, challenges and opportunities ahead.”

The full interview can be heard here.