MacguyverMedia Gets a Little Bit Nerdy with “MacNerd”

August 26, 2022

The software development world is changing every day. Apps, software, and security are evolving more and more rapidly, and different avenues of technology are becoming more and more specialized. As Web 2.0 gives way to Web3, it’s more than just a “good idea” for everyone to get “a little bit nerdy.” It’s become essential.

Recognizing this shift in the software development arena, MacguyverMedia LLC today announced that they have launched “MacNerd” as subsidiary to stand beside its sister company, MacguyverTech. This new venture will focus on future-proof software development by designing secure, transparent and powerful utilities on the blockchain.

“We recognized that our blockchain clients had a very different need than our traditional software clients,” said CEO Steve (Mac) McKeon. “This new business entity gives us the opportunity to focus on all the aspects of Web3: Blockchain utilities, NFTs, tokenomics, the Metaverse, smart contracts, DAOs, etc. It’s an exciting time to be a nerd!”

MacguyverTech will continue as the company’s traditional software development company, serving the needs of clients with integrated database management solutions and custom software user experiences. “We’re not transitioning; we’re expanding,” McKeon continued. “Our eventual goal is to give all our clients the ability to expand from Web2.0 to Web3 systems. The cool thing is that by doing this now, we’re going to be able to maintain our existing relationships while starting new ones.”

MacNerd’s first venture is with Global Fiber Technology’s Authentic Heroes. “This is a phenomenal project,” said McKeon. “The crew at Authentic Heroes has a wonderful energy and vision. We’re working together to create a fusion of their physical merchandise and NFTs to create a unique line of collectibles. I can’t say a lot about it yet, but we’re working on having something big for the holidays. This is going to be the largest NFT run ever produced.”

It’s a good time to be a nerd.

For more information about MacNerd, visit our website here.

For more information about MacguyverTech, visit here.