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MacGuyverTech us get a handle on our on-time delivery metric. At Unicorr we are often awash in data, but lacking information. The team helped organize and present our on-time data into useful information. They were very adept at working with a multitude of complex queries. The provided insight, and guidance, and ultimately a concise and useful report, on a platform available to everyone throughout our company. Working with MacGuyverTech was a pleasure.

Unicorr Packaging Company, North Haven CT.Ray Arnold

The spend tracking system that was built for us saves us a lot of time by automating work flows and producing reports in seconds. It’s also fast, easy to use, efficient and saves us thousands of dollars a year. We highly recommend his services.

Southern Crown Partners, Charlestown SC.Ron Mackunis

The MacGuyverTech team is thoughtful and always understands our needs because they listen. They have maintained our site, it loads faster, and all updates and changes asked for have been accomplished with immediate responsiveness. This team is amazing. We are so very glad that we chose MacGuyverTech to take care of our site and SEO! Thank you so much and keep up your exceptional work.

Horizon House, Philadelphia, PA.Peggy Rowe

I have worked with Steven for more than a decade and I continue to be amazed by what he is capable of doing! But not only am I able to enjoy more creative solutions to my quandaries than I would have imagined, I can also count on Steven to be there when something unexpected comes up and I have an urgent question. There is great value in each of these attributes, and he has many more. I’m happy to build Fair Shake with MacGuyverTech!

Fairshake, Westby, WI.Sue Kastensen

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